Breeders of The Castro Laboreiro Dog in the UK - Company Message

About us and the best dog in the world 

Zara and Bela at 4 months old
Bela  Cao Castro Laboreiro

Our Castro Laboreiro by the river uk
We live in Surrey in the UK and we brought the first Cao Castro Laboreiros into the UK, probably the best of the lines of the breed Castro Laboreiro Dog. 

After losing our dogs in 2009 our family was devastated. For a few years we searched the whole of the canine world and this is when we came across the Cao Castro Laboreiro. Being Portuguese what a coincidence when we found the Cao Castro which is a very rare dog, and Portuguese mountain dog.  

It is one of the rarest breeds in the world and has such unique characteristics which are so different from all other dogs, it was no wonder we fell in love with this breed. 

Being above all a very loyal dog, a great family companion, protective of the household, family and livestock, excellent with children, we found this to be the perfect dog.  We wanted a dog that would be an all rounder, well balanced, loyal and super intelligent. He is a wonderful, faithful and noble companion and with its unique characteristics, makes him one of the best dogs in the world.

After meeting and spending time with different breeders in Portugal and doing a lot of research, as well as being a member of APCCL, I came across the best lines of this ancient breed and finally we proudly got our first puppies, two female Cao Castro Laboreiros, it was an instant bond that will last for the rest of our lives. We have now, two years later added a beautiful male puppy into the Family.

Our passion is to preserve this beautiful breed and to share the lovely characteristics of this unique dog.

Castro Laboreiro Puppies