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The Cao Castro Laboreiro Breed Profile


The Castro Laboreiro Dog, his native to Portugal. Is probably one of the oldest European dog Breeds, used for generations as a family pet and companion, very loyal, excellent guard dog, an excellent protector of livestock, never to switch off for a moment. They are noble and a very hardy mountain breed, that severe expression they wear is fearsome. He is very intelligent, a great family companion and excellent with children, their dedication and obedience towards his own, the protection of the family and livestock are known to everyone.Being a very rare breed, rustic, a perfectly well balanced dog, an all-rounder with a strong character. This dog is the product of a selection of thousands of years, which guarantees an "empathy" with the owner more than any modern canine race. The Cao de Castro Laboreiro is among the world’s rarest dog breeds, with a total worldwide population of only 250-600 purebred dogs. A true living hidden treasure of Portugal, The Castro Laboreiro Dog.


The Castro Laboreiro Dog is very intelligent, a good guard dog, a great family companion, fantastic with children and one of the best guards dogs of livestock. Their dedication and obedience towards his own, the protection of the family and livestock are known to everyone. With his unique characteristic, intelligence, loyalty, he is known to be one of the best dogs in the world. The Cão de Castro Laboreiro is a fearless flock guard with strong protective instincts. They are highly intelligent and brave. They are loyal, docile and devoted to their owners. They are reliable and trustworthy with children in their family.They are suspicious of strangers, and they will only obey the commands of their owner. They will only bark if they feel there is something wrong. The Cao de Castro Laboreiro possesses a fearsome and penetrating expression, he is elegant and noble.

Castro Laboreiro Dog Size and Health

This breed is muscular, well-built, robust, rustic and medium to large in size. Dogs should measure 55-60cm and bitches 52-57cm, with weights of around 45kg to 50kg respectively. Males are usually bigger then females but its not uncommon for a female to be larger then a male, just like wolves.They are the same size as a proper Labrador Retriever or a German Shepherd. Coat colours come in some variations, but most breeders prefer the “mountain colour” (cor do monte) ribed in wolf terms, dark wolf colour, that are brown (called pine-seed) or dark red, to a light brindle. 
There are no known health issues with this breed. 

Castro Laboreiro Dog Special Care

This super intelligent and energetic dog must be socialised from an early age and make sure you have the time and space to train and exercise them properly as with most dog breeds of this size. This breed when not working needs to be taken for daily exercise or long walks. Don't allow too much exercise at a young age. 
Brush dogs once a week just to remove any old hair.