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The Castro Laboreiro Dog

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The Cao de Castro Laboreiro has been around for thousands of years, originated in the geographical area that gives it its name, the former county of Castro Laboreiro in the North of Portugal. The word "Cao" meaning dog.
Cao Castro Laboreiro The Castro Laboreiro Dog is a rare breed and very unique, and creates a strong bond with his family, for this reason it does not accept orders from strangers. Very playful and tolerant and excellent with children and all other members of the family. 

Their dedication and obedience towards his own family, are known to everyone.
This dog is the product of a selection of thousands of years, which guarantees an "empathy" with the owner more than any modern canine race.
The protection of livestock and guarding of the family home during the day and night, were his duties during the last centuries. He is a working breed and their main enemies were always the wolf (perhaps bear in earlier centuries), their dedication and obedience towards his own family, are known to everyone.

Selected as the dog breed that worked over the centuries, is a versatile dog, whose gentleness, agility and courage is second to none. It is a dog of choice for its rare qualities of character and genetic antiquity. 

He is native to Portugal, it is now a very rare breed, and almost became extinct at one stage, they are one of the world`s rarest dog breeds, with a total worldwide population of only 250 - 600 purebred dogs.  

The Castro Laboreiro Dog is very loyal and very docile with people they know, being a very rustic and perfectly balanced dog, an all-rounder with a strong character, it is now rapidly gaining popularity as one of the best family companions due to its devotion and loyalty to the family. Used for generations as a family companion, a protector of livestock, never switching off for a moment, they are rustic, noble and a very hardy mountain breed.

The Cao Castro Laboreiro, endowed with extraordinary genetic and morphological features, moulded by an ancient wisdom, reflected in his expression of great hardiness and serenity passing us in every eye an immeasurable inner strength, is that interior power which resides the purity of their instincts and generosity without limit the Cão de Castro Laboreiro.
He is probably one of the best dogs in the world. A true hidden treasure of Portugal. 

The Noble Cao Castro Laboreiro

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