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The Castro Laboreiro Dog

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The Castro Laboreiro
Cao Castro Laboreiro - Zara

The name "Dog from Castro Laboreiro", refers to a small village in the mountains in the far north of Portugal. It is considered to be one of the oldest European breeds. It is a very rare breed, which almost became extinct at one stage, it is a very rustic and perfectly balanced dog, with a strong character.

The Castro Laboreiro Dog is a working breed, he is highly intelligent, a great family pet and companion, excellent with children, a good guard dog and one of the best guard dogs of livestock. Their loyalty, dedication and obedience towards his own, the protection of the family and livestock are known to everyone. With his unique characteristic, intelligence, loyalty, devotion, he is probably the best dog in the world.

He is now rapidly gaining popularity as one of the best all-round dogs and is a fantastic family companion, but they are still very rare. The people of Castro Laboreiro, speak with pride towards this indigenous breed, so the saying ... "is the best dog in the world" ... is perhaps true. 

Endowed with extraordinary genetic and morphological features, moulded by an ancient wisdom, reflected in his expression of great hardiness and serenity passing us in every eye an immeasurable inner strength, is that interior power which resides the purity of their instincts and generosity without limit, the Cão de Castro Laboreiro.

We are fully registered and members of the CCP, APCCL, FCI.  Our aim first is to preserve this wonderful noble and intelligent rare breed.

The Castro Laboreiro is a medium to large size dog, they are the same size of a Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and slightly shorter then a Rhodesian Ridgeback.They are the most agile of all mastiffs and a very well balance dog.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site and learn about this wonderful breed, a true living hidden treasure of Portugal, The Castro Laboreiro Dog.

Castro Laboreiro